Business households with turnover of 3 billion / year must have electronic invoices

Business households – The Government has just issued Decree 119/2018 / ND-CP stipulating that many fields and industries must make electronic invoices. With codes of tax authorities or electronic invoices without codes of tax authorities to deliver to buyer.

Invoices must be formulated according to the data standard format prescribed. By tax offices and fully recorded, irrespective of the value of each sale of goods or provision of services.

Business households
Trading restaurants, hotels and selling western medicine in some places must apply electronic invoices

Decree 119 of the Government stipulates that electronic invoices include value added invoices. Electronic stamps sales invoices, electronic tickets, electronic cards, electronic receipts …

Entities that must apply electronic invoices when selling goods and providing services are enterprises, economic organizations. And other organizations that use electronic invoices with codes of tax authorities when selling goods or providing services. service, regardless of the value of each sale of goods or provision of services.

Fields and commodity lines that must be applied with electronic invoices are electricity; Petroleum; post and Telecommunication; air transport, road, rail, sea and waterway; Clean water; credit financing; insurrance; medical; e-commerce business; supermarket business; trade and businesses …

In particular, households and individuals doing business in the field of restaurants, hotels, retailing western medicines. Retailing consumer goods, providing direct services to consumers in some favorable locations. Then pilot electronic invoices with codes of tax authorities.

Individual households that regularly employ 10 or more employees and have preceding revenue of VND 3 billion or more in agriculture, forestry, fishery, industry and construction.

The Government’s Decree also states that business households with revenue of 10 billion dong or more in the preceding year in the field of commerce and services must use electronic invoices with codes of tax agencies when selling goods, providing services, irrespective of the value of each sale of goods or provision of services.

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