Note for successful e-invoice deployment

 e-invoice deployment – To successfully deploy e-invoices, businesses need to master the knowledge and information about e-invoices, build infrastructure, information, train people, and learn and cooperate. with a reputable electronic invoice software provider.

Learn important knowledge and information about electronic invoices

Before conducting the actual implementation, enterprises need to fully understand the knowledge and information about e-invoices, especially information on the current Decree and policies.

Currently, when conducting the deployment and use of electronic invoices, businesses need to comply with the provisions of Decree 119/2018 / ND-CP providing for electronic invoices when selling goods and providing services. service

Enterprises need to find out the latest information, decrees and policies on electronic invoices
Enterprises need to find out the latest information, decrees and policies on electronic invoices

One of the most noticeable contents of Decree 119 is the deadline for domestic enterprises to switch to using electronic invoices before November 1, 2020. In order to avoid embarrassment and confusion, affecting business performance, businesses should plan to deploy electronic invoices earlier than the above deadline.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance is also developing a circular guiding the implementation of Decree 119 and will soon officially issue in the near future to help businesses better understand how to implement the provisions of Decree 119.

Infrastructure construction, information technology, human resource training

After understanding the important information about e-invoices, businesses need to conduct the construction, good preparation of infrastructure elements, information technology, training employees to be able to deploy the model. E-invoice effectively.

The conditions for infrastructure to apply electronic invoices are quite simple, just need a computer system with a reasonable configuration and ensure a stable Internet connection. This condition can be met in the majority of working offices of businesses today.

Businesses also need to register to own digital signatures at reputable vendors. This is required by the digital signature required for businesses to register the first electronic invoice issuance online as well as electronic invoices are required to have a digital signature of the seller.

In addition, businesses must also ensure that the data storage system is stable enough to meet basic operations such as storage, backup, and data recovery. In addition, businesses need to organize training and training courses on e-invoices to build a team of employees who are knowledgeable about how to operate e-invoices.

 e-invoice deployment
Infrastructure investment and human training to successfully deploy e-invoices

Looking for reputable electronic invoice provider

The deadline before the forced mandatory business of switching to electronic invoices is approaching. To avoid falling behind compared to other businesses, businesses need to quickly apply an electronic invoice model instead of traditional paper invoices.

In fact, most businesses choose to cooperate with intermediaries that provide reputable electronic invoice software instead of deploying it themselves. With a long experience of deployment as well as a team of professional and professional staff, the units providing e-invoice software will help businesses meet the conditions to apply e-invoices and construction. e-invoice model brings the highest efficiency and advice, supports updating information, policies and operations of e-invoice quickly.

Thai Son Technology Development Company is one of the first companies to provide comprehensive electronic invoice solutions for businesses in Vietnam. With nearly 20 years of experience, Thai Son has accumulated technological capacity and in-depth knowledge about the profession, the characteristics of various industries and business models, thereby developing electric bill software. E-Invoice comprehensive.

Not only meeting all business requirements of the General Department of Taxation, E-Invoice also provides the optimal solution for the problem of e-invoice deployment in many businesses with the outstanding features of software and systems. Professional customer support.

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