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Dear Our Valued Customer,

Hello, I’m Koo Jin-young, CEO of AM Group. Our AM group is growing in line with the localization of Vietnam by choosing Vietnam as the foundation for the development of Asia. With rich experience and advanced modern technology, we are stepping up efforts to establish large enterprises in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

When started this business, AM Group has chosen Vietnam as the first development location, specializing in the fields of computer programming, computer consultancy and computer system administration, accounting software, electronic invoice software, accounting services, website design, ACVA accounting certificates on computer, ….

Our motto is “Growth for mutual benefits in the future” and “Always for the success of customers”.

We always aim to high technology for the purpose of consultancy as well as high quality technology transfer to customers. Accordingly, it has brought economic efficiency to customers in the context of economic integration.

For us customer satisfaction is the most important thing. This satisfaction has been expressed clearly in each service and product that our company offers. In addition, our experienced staffs are trained at domestic and oversea universities with professional working style. The harmonious combination of the above factors is the key element for us to support our customers to grow and achieve great success.

We have established the standard principles in customer service as following:

  • Respond quickly and effectively to all customer requirements.
  • Ensure consecutive operation of our services.
  • Enthusiastic, thoughtful with an agile and gentle attitude.
  • Ensure to provide service with reasonable and competitive price.
  • Pay attention to employee training policies to assure the professional.

Constant expansion and development

Technology in the industrial era 4.0 changes the world day by day. More than ever, technology is changing the way we work together. Technology helps us to collaborate more effectively, manage smarter, find customers faster, and most importantly, technology helps us make better decisions based on data.

AM-Einvoice will bring your business the smartest, most modern technology product based on three main components: Data & Artificial Intelligence (Data & AI), Interaction (Interaction), and platform (Open Platform). And the imagination is unlimited: With any application you currently have or need, AM-Einvoice can help you integrate into a common platform.

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Work is fun

We believe that every business is built by the burning desire of all – the founder, the leader, the employee and anyone else who is working side by side to create great value for society. And AM-Einvoice wants technology to make every moment we work together a pleasure.

Companion & development

AM-Einvoice was built with the desire to help people become happier. You are happier because it’s easier to collaborate with colleagues now. You are happier because you’ve got smart tools to help you get things done easily. And you are happier because AM-Einvoice will always accompany you, regardless of any difficulties.

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