List of supplier organizations that have participated in the evaluation and coordination with Hanoi Tax Department to deploy the latest e-invoice data 2021

  • Koo Jin Young
  • 22/01/2021
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On January 15, 2021, the Hanoi Tax Department officially announced the list of 2021 best e-invoice software providers selected by the Tax Department to coordinate the implementation of e-invoice

List of e-invoice providers selected by the Hanoi Tax Department

Accordingly, the electronic invoice providers on this list have been carefully selected by the Hanoi Tax Department, which must fully meet certain criteria and requirements

  • Qualified to meet the conditions specified in Article 5 of Circular No. 32/2011/TT-BTC dated March 14, 2011, asymptotic meets the conditions specified in Article 23 of Circular No. 68/2019/TT-BTC September 30, 2019
  • Having experience in implementing, having a large number (over 100) large customers using e-invoicing service
  • There is a shared database connection with tax authorities. Has shared database connection with tax authorities

In particular, the organizations that provide e-invoices in the above list will regularly be controlled by the Hanoi Tax Department, the quality of the service, the quality of the database connection to eliminate the units that do not respond. meeting the set criteria and adding more qualified units. Thus, enterprises should prioritize the selection of an e-invoice provider that satisfies the above 3 criteria for successful and safe deployment of e-invoices

NC9 VIETNAM CO., LTD (AMNOTE) is the leading e-invoice provider chosen by the Hanoi Tax Department to coordinate the deployment of electronic invoices with AM-Einvoice software.

Not only fully meeting the invoice profession in accordance with the law, the AM-Einvoice e-invoice software also has outstanding featurest:

  • Design your own invoice template
  • Save time with an electronic signature on multiple invoices
  • Support the installation, guidance and consultation of electronic invoices registration dossier with tax authorities
  • Integrated on AMnote accounting software to create a self-contained system
  • A team of professional consultanst are always ready to assist to solve problems quickly

NC9 Vietnam Co., Ltd. is proud to be the most reputable and professional electronic invoice supplier with extremely attractive incentives:

  • MONTHLY subscription: GET 3 MONTHS OFF when paying 1 year in advance
  • Quantity subscription: FREE 200 e-invoice numbers
  • In particular, in New Year, AM-Einvoice would like to send to customers an attractive promotion: From January 1, 2021 to February 10, 2021: Register AM-EINVOICE and give away 300 invoices immediately free
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