• Koo Jin Young
  • 24/12/2021
  • 235

Human resources are the key to the success of every business. Therefore, the activities of commending and rewarding outstanding employees and long-term commitment to the company are always highly appreciated by the Board of Directors. This is a regular activity of AMNOTE following the success of previous years.

On December 14, 2020, Mr. Koo Jin Young – CEO of AMNOTE commended and rewarded outstanding individuals who have been attached and contributed to the company in the past time. In order to encourage individuals to join the movement, make daily efforts to successfully complete the task.

The excellent performance of each member of the company is an active energy source to promote team to develop efficiently, safely and sustainably. All working efforts and contributions of all members are appreciated. It is hoped that each individual will believe in the leadership, make efforts to dedicate, share and strive for the development of the company.

Once again congratulations to all of you. Currently, AMNOTE is still looking for new candidates to join the company’s team. Become part of the AMNOTE family today.

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